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SCART cable

Indlæg  Evero on Søn aug 10, 2008 12:29 pm

This tutorial can be a bit advanced, and you'll need a lot of wiring, so unless you're stuck at some cabin and can't get ahold of a SCART cable for your DVD player, don't try this.

First let me show you the female connectors:
(Where you connect the SCART cable, both on the DVD and the TV)

Now, I'll explain the different pins.

Pin 1: Audio output (right speaker)

Pin 2: Audio input (right speaker)

Pin 3: Audio output (left speaker or mono)

Pin 4: Audio ground

Pin 5: RGB Blue ground (pin 7 ground)

Pin 6: Audio input (left speaker or mono)

Pin 7: RGB Blue up, S-video C down or Component Pb up

Pin 8: Status and Aspect Ratio up

Pin 9: RGB Green ground

Pin 10: Clock/Data or Control bus

Pin 11: RGB Green up or Component Y up

Pin 12: Reserved/Data 1

Pin 13: RGB Red ground

Pin 14: Pin 12 and Pin 16 ground

Pin 15: RGB Red up, S-video C up or Component Pr up

Pin 16: Blanking signal up or RGB selection voltage up

Pin 17: Composite video output ground

Pin 18: Composite video input ground

Pin 19: Composite video output or S-video Y output

Pin 20: Composite video input or S-video Y input

Pin 21: Pin 8 and Pin 10 ground

As you probably can see, I've made it easier with colors, and the manufactorer made it easier with grouping up the various uses of the pins.

OBS! If you're about to use the Pins 5, 9, 13, 17 or 18, be aware that they have specific ground pins. Pin 5 uses 7 as ground, 9 uses 11, 13 uses 15, 17 uses 19 and 18 uses 20.

Now, If you're to connect your DVD to your TV, you will see that most DVD players have 2 SCART sockets. One of them is the "Down" while the other is the "Up". The "Up" one is as you might have guessed, to the TV.

An VCR or DVD player would usually use the composite or RGB to connect. Now, when you're about to get your hands dirty on some wiring, be sure no one touches each other. (Keep the isolation on, except on the extreme ends)

When you cable, make sure you have everything right. On the female connector on the DVD you'll want to connect the Audio output(Pin 1(Right), Pin 3(Left) and Pin 4(Ground)) To the Audio input on the TV.(Pin 2(Right), Pin 4(Ground) and Pin 6(Left)).

If you want to be completely sure you're doing everything right you can try making the SCART work both ways, allthough this will almost double the amount of cables used. If you connect through Component/RGB (not only sound) be sure to get those ground pins correct.

Happy wiring! Wink



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